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The Top 8 Must-See Snorkeling Spots

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Travelers of all ages love snorkeling for a variety of reasons. It’s a great way to swim with exotic marine life, explore coral reefs, enjoy a beautiful beach, and get some exercise. When you snorkel, you don’t need certification as you do when scuba diving, so almost anyone can do it!


A Few Reasons to Give Snorkeling a Try:


  • The marine life you’ll experience:

    Getting up-close with the various aquatic flora and fauna. There’s nothing like having a school of fish swim around you or getting up close and personal with a sea anemone.

  • Exploring exotic coral up close:

    With much of the world’s coral in danger, appreciating it now is more important than ever. Learning about and preserving the coral we enjoy is a step towards making sure it’ll be around for the next generation to appreciate.

  • Staying fit:

    Swimming is a great form of exercise.There’s no better way to enjoy your natural surroundings and get in some cardio. While snorkeling you can also add the extra resistance of fins to burn more calories.


Snorkeling enthusiasts are sure to find at least one island per cruise that offers unique snorkeling tours. Ports like Antigua, Hawaii, St. Thomas, Nassau and Cozumel are epic snorkeling spots. Book a cruise that takes you to one of these exhilarating snorkeling locations…


Best Snorkeling Spot in Hawaii


Hawaii is a true snorkeler’s paradise. It’s warm year-round and the bustling reef ecosystems make it a desirable location to visit for both snorkelers and divers. There is great attention paid to preserving the island’s coral reefs in their natural state. It’s essential to maintain balance in their delicate ecosystem. When exploring the coral reef in Hawaii be sure to follow the rules, otherwise you may end up receiving a fine if you damage the coral.


Molokini Crater, Maui

Molokini Crater, Maui is a volcanic crater that offers incredible snorkeling in Hawaii. There you’ll find crystal-clear water and a beautiful beach that’s perfect for a variety of water activities. You can also take part in other water activities in Maui such as kiteboarding and surfing. These activities are perfect for your group if you’ve got someone who doesn’t want to snorkel.



When visiting Kailua-Kona, you absolutely must go on a snorkeling tour. Depending on the weather and the tour, a local will take you to one of the best snorkeling sites around the island. This tour is great for the entire family and includes all the gear you’ll need to snorkel. If you visit DestyDo and look for excursions in Kailua-Kona, you’ll be able to find snorkeling tours offered in the area during the time of year you’ll be visiting Hawaii.

Snorkeling with Stingrays


If you enjoy snorkeling, make sure you visit Antigua. Visibility in the crystal-clear water ranges between 50 and 140 feet, making it ideal for viewing local marine life.


Cades Reef

Cades Reef is a coral reef that offers a rare opportunity to view species such as the barracuda, angelfish, and colored anemones. Additionally, Carlisle Bay East boasts clear waters ideal for spotting tropical fish.


Snorkel with Stingrays

While in Antigua, you can even take a snorkeling tour that allows you to swim with stingrays! Once your tour takes you to the stingray sandbar, you’ll have the opportunity to swim with stingrays and other marine life. These rays are friendly and well known for swimming between unsuspecting visitors’ legs! This tour provides you with snorkeling gear and it’s advisable to bring water shoes with you.

Mangrove Lagoon

St. Thomas


With many excursion options, snorkeling is just one of the many adventures you can go in St. Thomas.


Mangrove Lagoon

A must-visit snorkeling spot in St. Thomas is the Mangrove Lagoon. This Marine preserve provides breathtaking scenery. You’ll have the opportunity to get out of your kayak and snorkel at a mangrove nursery. While on the beach, your guide will be able to explain the diverse mangrove ecosystem. It’s recommended to bring a “dry bag” to keep your belongings safe during this excursion.


Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Around Hassel Island

If you’re looking for a unique adventure to try then you must try the unique tour offered on historic Hassel Island. You’ll kayak about 20 minutes to Fort Willoughby which towers above Frenchman’s reef. You’ll pass both Danish and British colonial ruins while paddling. Once hitting shore you’ll go on a short hike that’ll bring you to Fort Willoughby. When you’re done exploring, your tour will end at Garden beach which offers incredible snorkeling. You can enjoy a guided snorkel or relax on the beach. It’s important to be mindful that the hike is strenuous, and they ask that all guests wear close toed shoes.

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Nassau, Bahamas

If you’re looking to try something new, Nassau is the place to go. Nassau, Bahamas offers a variety of exciting activities like swimming with pigs, among other adventures. It’s also a beautiful place to snorkel.


Paddle Board & Snorkel Tour

In Nassau, paddle board your way to a gorgeous reef location. Once you’re at the reef and anchor your board, your guide will tell you about Bahamian history and marine ecology. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful, pristine reefs and the sea creatures that call them home. Once the group is done snorkeling you’ll enjoy a relaxing trip paddling back to the beach.


Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico is a top snorkeling destination. There are several excellent snorkeling spots such as paradise reef, Cozumel Palace, El Cielo, Chankanaab national park, Playa Villa Blanca, Fiesta Americana and Sunset Beach. These locations host a variety of marine life including eels, parrotfish, and squirrelfish.


Three Reef Snorkeling Tour

Cozumel is known for its assortment of shallow reefs and its crystal-clear water that offers great visibility. There is a “3 Reef Snorkeling Tour” available which will allow you to spend about 30-45 minutes in the water at 3 separate reefs. It’s not uncommon for visitors to see coral anemone, sponges, angelfish, sergeant majors, barracuda, lobster, crab and grouper. If you’re looking to experience all the beauty that Cozumel’s reefs offer, this is the perfect tour for you.


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