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The Complete Cruise Packing Checklist

ultimate cruise packing list

Ready for a bit of excitement and adventure? A cruise vacation is the perfect way to try new experiences. When you take a cruise, your vacation is filled with a wide variety of entertainment options, fine dining, relaxation, and breathtaking views as you venture out on the open water and to exciting new destinations. With so many different activities and occasions, packing luggage for a cruise can be a little tricky.

Having a packing list helps you avoid overpacking, and prevents you from leaving crucial items at home. If you forget any items, it may cost significantly more to purchase them on the cruise ship!

Start Planning Before You Start Packing

How can you know what to pack, if you don’t know what you’ll be doing? As you plan your cruise trip and your shore excursions, make notes of items you will need to pack. When you are packing for a cruise, you should also check the average climate conditions for the areas you will travel through and pack accordingly. Consider the length of the trip and who will be accompanying you along the way. Try to keep your wardrobe to a minimum for convenience and weight restrictions and check your packing list a few times, especially the day before you leave to make sure you have all of your items ready.

Got all that? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a cruise packing checklist to get you started. Download it below and bon voyage!

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